Kawasaki Ninja 400 color change wrap from gloss red to satin white.

Definitely the last one for us!

We are still in business.

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Merry Christmas, we hope you all have a safe and happy holidays! ...

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Toyota Supra came in for full front end wrapped in ppf and full ceramic window film install. 😎

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Please take out your personal things before bringing your car in for tint, thanks!



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There's always something to be thankful for. ...

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Quick fly by in a Porsche! 🏎️💨

✓ XPEL PRIME XR Ceramic window film
✓ Stage 3 ecu tune,
✓ Fabspeed headers,
✓ Fabspeed high flow cats,
✓ Fabspeed x-pipe,
✓ Fabspeed exhaust,
✓ Forge blow off valves,
✓ AMS Alpha Performance intercoolers,
✓ IPD Plenum,
✓ BMC Air Filter,

Tuning and performance done by: @singhmotorghar

#ecutuning #porsche #porsche911 #porscheturbo #porschetuning #xpelwindowfilms #carstyling #cartint #windowtint #raleighwindowtint #nctinter

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Car manufacturers have improved their vehicles headlights with lots of safety features. This is great for driver but can also be expensive to replace.

Replacing them can cost from $300-$1,900 per head light.

You can minimize the risk of damages caused by road debris by adding paint protection film.

#raleighwindowtinting #raleightint #wakeforestnc #wickedautostyling #xpelppf #protectyourinvestment

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Here's what we, at Wicked Auto Styling specialize in for those of you who are interested in knowing the type services we have to offer.

Contact us if you have any questions or you're in need of any of the services shown.

Thanks for watching!

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Two tone door handles. Do you like this idea or would you keep it white? And why?

Give us your opinion.

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DO NOT ROLL DOWN windows after they have been tinted.


Thank you!

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The owner of this RAM 3500 came in for some tint on the headlights and tail lights. He wanted to tone down the chrome on the headlights and the red/chrome on the tail lights. 😎 ...

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One of my favorite part about wrapping doors. 😍😎 ...

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♥️ shop days like this.

✓ ECU Tune
✓ TCU Tune
✓ Ceramic Window Tint

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