Benefits of Window Tint

  • Reduces interior build up of heat
  • Reduces interior wear caused by UV rays
  • Limits sun exposure for better skin health
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Style

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North Carolina – Window Tinting Laws


  • No tint on windshields below AS1 line or 5″ below the top, whichever is longer
  • Visible light transmission for all other windows must be greater than thirty-two percent (32%) on all sedan type vehicles
  • Visible light transmission for the two front windows must be greater than thirty-two (32%) on SUV’s, Truck’s, and Minivan’s. All other windows behind the front two windows may be tinted in any percentage.
  • Medical Exception permits are available to person(s) who suffer from a medical condition that causes the person to be photosensitive to visible light. Permits are valid for 5 years. The permit shall specify the vehicle for which it applies, the windows that may be tinted, and the permitted levels of tinting. A medical exception sticker must be placed on the lower left-hand corner of the rear window. Sticker must be placed between the film and the window. To obtain a permit, an applicant shall apply in writing to the Drivers Medical Evaluation Program and have his or her doctor complete the required medical evaluation form.


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